Project Management


When it comes to spending what might be the most amount of money you have ever spent on one item being that of a new home, extension, or renovation, you want to make sure it’s going to run smoothly, on time, on budget and stress-free.

We eliminate the building horror stories that you may have heard about, variations that just keep coming, not getting what you thought you would, poor or no communication, or even an unfinished project.

From individual renovations to multi-dwelling land developments, design through to handover, our Project Managers work closely with the property owners, to ensure projects are delivered on time, within budget and to industry standards, at the same time removing the associated stresses.

We select the right trades, builders that suit your needs, complete an overview of the contract before you sign your life away, Stage inspections before you hand any money over, communicate with the builders throughout the process.

We are the missing link, so you have a project built on time and on budget. A win, win situation with the least amount of stress in what should be an everlasting memory.

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“As a Remote Administration Assistant myself, I engaged the services of Business Grinders several times to assist in an overflow of workload. The turnaround for jobs has always been very quick, and attention to detail impeccable. I felt that Liz goes above and beyond to satisfy my client’s needs and is well equipped with a business mindset to understand what is needed to be done.

I strongly recommend the services of Business Grinders”

Assistant One, Office Solutions

We're the missing link when it comes to building your new home, extension or renovation