You Can Maintain Your Focus

Work on your business instead of in your business!


Highly Efficient and Cost Effective

Only pay for the hours used - no sick leave, annual leave, super or payroll tax!


Freedom Through Technology

No need to hire your own administration professional


A Virtual Personal Assistant is an administration professional who can work from either your office or remotely, and performs the duties of a Personal Assistant or Administrative Officer


Busy managing your business and not your office? Ever find your short a person in the office, or ...

Business Development

Whether you’re a start up, rebranding, or wanting to grow, PA to the Stars can assist has over twenty five years ...


Marketing is more than just Facebook and is an important part of the way your business communicates with ...

Book Keeping

Busy doing the work, but not issuing the invoices? Issued the invoices but not getting paid? When you’re good at ...

Welcome to PA 2 The Stars!

Not all Virtual Personal Assistants are located overseas. We often speak to clients who have not had much success with overseas Virtual Assistants, and who want someone that can understand them and who they know they can rely on.

In fact, it makes sense and there are many benefits, to working with a local. Whether we are collaborating in your office, on a job site, in a coffee shop, or in separate locations, our priority is your business and our role is to support you in achieving your goals

With more than twenty years experience in small-medium business, executive and corporate administration and management, no job is too small, or too large for us to deliver

Whether you’re an Executive Manager, General Manager, Business Owner, Entrepreneur, or Start Up, there are many areas of the business you could better spend your time on.

Contact us today and find out how we can help you to be the best you can be.

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